10 Most Famous/Popular Temples in Bara

Jankari Nepal – 5 Most Famous/Popular Temples in Bara.

Bara is one of the most popular districts of Nepal. Bara is also known as the industrial area of Nepal. Bara also has the country’s most popular temples.

Major Temple of Bara:
Gadhimai temple, Churiya Mai temple, Raniwas Temple, Kankali Temple, Gadhimari Temple Jeetpur, Katghat Shiv Mandir (Sahajnath), Dev Aashram, Thani Mai Temple,

10 Most Famous Temples in Bara.

1. MahaGadhi Mai Temple (Mandir)MahaGadhimai Temple is a temple of the sacred goddesses of power, in Hindu religion. The temple is situated in Mahagadhimai Municipality in Bara District of south central Nepal. Read More…

2. Churiya Mai Temple (Mandir)

Churiyamai Temple is a beautiful Hindus goddess temple in Nepal, Churiya Mai is a worldwide popular temple because of its location near the highway, and also because the Goddess is said to fulfill the desires of her devotees. The Churiya Mai Temple is located on the Tribhuvan Highway, at the north end of Bara and west start of Makwanpur District. Read More…

3. Raniwas Temple and Palace“Raniwas” Temple which is also known as ‘Ram Mandir’, ‘Ram Janaki Mandir’, ‘Raniwas Palace’ and ‘Mahal Sarai’ is located 1 Kilometer north of Simraungadh market area and 2 Kilometer north of the Indian border.  It covers a total of 600 bighas including the palace. Read More…

4. Kankali TempleKankali Temple, one of the famous sacred Hindu temples in Bara, This temple is believed to be 100 years old Rana Temple, which is built in the shikhara style architecture. Tourist Attractions in Kankali Temple is Ishra Pond, Mansaram Baba Temple, Parvati Temple, Hanuman Temple and Etc. Kankali Temple located in the southeastern part of the Simraungadh market area. Read More…

5. Katghat Shiv Mandir (Sahajnath)Sahajanath Temple is also known as Katghat Temple. Sahajnath temple is also included in the list of popular temples of Bara. Lord Shiva is worshiped in Sahajnath temple or Katghat mandir. Sahajnath temple is located in the forest on the road from Bara Pathlaiya to Nijgarh, this temple is about 3-4 km from the main highway. Read More…

6. Gadhimai Temple Jeetpur-ChhatapipraTemples in Bara

Gadhimai Temple (Chhatapipara-Jeetpur) is a temple of the sacred goddesses of power, in Hindu religion. The temple is situated in Jeetpursimara Sub-Metro in Bara District of Nepal. This temple after Mahagadhimai is highly preferred.

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