10 Most Famous/Popular Temples in Parsa District

Jankari Nepal – 10 Most Famous/Popular Temples in Parsa.

Parsa is one of the 8 districts of Madhesh province and one of the 77 districts of the country. Spread over 1353 square kilometers, this district is one of the districts that gives the highest revenue to the country. The district is named Parsa, which comes from the Parsagadhi Fort, where the Nepali Gorkhali Soldiers defeated British Soldiers.

Major Temple of Parsa:

  1. Gahawa Mai Temple
  2. Vata Temple (Ramhori Mandir)
  3. Parasnath Temple
  4. Ghadiarwa Pokhari Temple
  5. Bindhyabasini
  6. Pashupatinath
  7. Koilabhar
  8. Banshakti Temple (Mandir)
  9. Aamodevi Mai Temple
  10. Kalikamai Temple

10 Most Famous Temples in Parsa.

1. Gahawa Mai Temple

Name: Gahawamai Temple
Location: Birgunj

Gahawa Mai Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple in Birgunj, Nepal. The “Gahawa Mai Temple” is located approximately 1 kilometer south of Birgunj Ghantaghar. Devotees visit this place every day to worship the Goddess. Read More…

2. Vata Temple (Ramhori Mandir)

Name: Vata (Ramhori Temple)
Location: Parsa National Park

Vata Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple in Parsa, Nepal. The Bhata Mandir is located to the west of Parsa National Park. Vata Temple is dedicated to Lord Shivnath. This temple is situated in the midst of a dense jungle. Read More…

3. Parasnath Temple

Name: Parasnath
Location: Mahuwan, Parsa

Parasnath Temple is a beautiful Hindus temple in Mahuwan Village, Parsa Nepal. Parasnath Temple”  is one of the tourist destinations in Parsa Districts. Parasnath Temple is situated near 15km west from Birgunj at Mahuwan Village. This temple is the temple of Lord Shivnath. Read More…

4. Ghadiarwa Pokhari Temple

Name: Ghadiarwa
Location: Birgunj

Ghadiarwa Pokhari (GP) is a beautiful tourism destination of Birgunj, Parsa. “Ghadiarwa Pokhari”  is one of the tourist and Film Shooting destinations in Nepal. There are also comes tourist for visit Beautiful Temple. Read More…

5.  Bindabasini

Name: Bindabasini Temple
Location: Bindabasini Rural Municipality, Parsa

Bindabasini temple is Hindu temple in Bindabasini Rural Municipality of Parsa District.. The temple is said to be one of the oldest and Powerful temples in Parsa district with the idol of goddess bhagawati.

6. PashupatinathTemples in Parsa

Name: Pashupatinath
Location: Birgunj, Chini Mill

The temple of Pashupatinath is an iconic landmark within the city of Birganj. With devotion directed towards Lord Shiva, this temple has found its abode in the enchanting surroundings of Chinimill Kharkhana, nestled peacefully in the heart of Birganj. This temple resembles the world famous Pashupatinath located in Kathmandu. Read More…

7. KoilabharKoilabhar Temple

Name: Koilabhar
Location: Parsagadhi Municipality

Koilabhar Temple is a famous and Historical Temple in Parsa district of Madhesh Province of Nepal. The Koilabhar Temple is an important religious place of the Hindus. FAITH AND pavitrataki Devi shrine koilabharako it Parsa district headquarters Birgunj 33 km Located on the west side. Read More…

8.  Banshakti Temple (Mandir)

Name: Ban Shakti
Location: Thori Rural Municipality, Parsa

The “Ban Sakti Temple” is a famous Hindu temple located in Thori of Parsa District. The Bansakti Temple is an important religious place of the Hindus.

9.  Aamodevi Mai Temple (Mandir)

Name: Aamodevi Mai
Location: Parsagadhi-3, Parsa

The “Aamodevi Mai Temple” is a famous Hindu temple located in Parsagadhi Municipality ward no 3 of Parsa District. The Aamodevi mai Temple is an important religious place of the Hindus. A big fair is held here every year on the day of Nahan, the great Hindu festival of Chhath.

10.  Kalika Mai Temple (Mandir)

Name: Kalika Mai
Location: Kalikamai Rural Municipality, Parsa

The “Kalikamai Temple” is a famous Hindu temple located in Kalikamai Rural Municipality of Parsa District. The Kalikamai Temple is an important religious place of the Hindus.

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