10 Most Famous/Popular Temples in Pokhara, Kaski

Jankari Nepal – 10 Most Famous/Popular Temples in Pokhara, Kaski.

Pokhara is one of the most popular tourist destination of Nepal. It is known for its scenic beauty and the serene atmosphere. Pokhara is also known for its cultural roots. Pokhara is also known as the tourist city of Nepal. Surrounded by mountains, With mountains and beauty, Pokhara also has the country’s most popular temples.

Major Temple of Pokhara:
Tal Barahi Temple, Akalaa Temple, Akaladevi Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Bindhyabasini Temple, Pumdikot Shiv Staue, Gupteswor Mahadev Cave Temple, Kedareshwar Mahadev Mani Temple, Kumari Temple, Matepani Gumba, Monastery (Hemja), Mudula Karki Kulayan Mandir, Radha Krishna Shanti Ashram, Sitaldevi Temple, Sunpadeli, Temple (Kaseri) and World peace pagoda.

10 Most Famous/Popular Temples in Pokhara, Kaski.

1. Tal Barahi Temple (Mandir)Tal Barahi Temple (Mandir) in Pokhara is famous not only in the country but also in the world. This is the Witchmart temple of Phewa Lake, which is considered to be Pokhara. Taal Barahi Temple is located in the middle of Pokhara’s famous Lake Phewa Lake, you have to take a boat to visit this temple. Tal Barahi is the temple of Goddess Durga. It is said that the wishes of worshiper will be fulfilled.

2. Bindhyabasini Temple (Mandir)Bindhyabasini temple is Hindu temple in gardens and views of the Himalayas at Pokhara. The temple is said to be one of the oldest temples in Nepal with the idol of goddess bhagawati. Located on a small hill hock, the temple provides and amazing view of the Himalayas as well. The temple is also known for the Hindu wedding ceremonies. This temple is located on the Pokhara-Baglung highway.

3. Pumdikot Shiva StatuePopular Temples in PokharaPumdikot Shiva statue is famous as a very popular tourist destination in Pokhara. On the peak of Pumdikot hill, there is a huge man-made statue of Lord Shiva, from here you can see Pokhara city and the world’s biggest Himalayan mountains like Machhapuchhare, Annapurna, Ganesh, Dhawalagiri etc. Pumdikot Shiva Temple is very crowded throughout the day, but the view of the Himalayas is very good in the morning and evening time.

4. Shanti StupaShanti Stupa is a very famous tourist destination in Pokhara. The World peace pagoda or Shanti Stupa is the first one that was built. Located on top of the Ananda hill, one has to do a bit of trekking in order to reach the temple. The temple was built in Buddhist pagoda style and is painted in a brilliant white. The temple gives a whole view of the Annapurna, Machhapuchhre and others mountain ranges. The Shanti Stupa was built just after World War 2 to inspire peace for all races and creeds.

5. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave (Mandir)Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave temple is not just mysterious but attracts a large number of locals and foregoer tourists all around the year. The main god of worship here is Shiva with a stalagmite idol of Shivaling as the main idol. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is a cave located in Pokhara-17, Chhorepatan, opposite to Davis Fall, the water from Davis fall passes through this cave. Gupteshwor Mahadev cave is one of the major attractions of Pokhara.

6. Radha Krishna Shanti Ashram (Mandir)
Radha Krishna Shanti Ashram Lame Al is the public temple complex was established by late 1008 Golokbasi Bhagawat Sharan Devacharya Maharaj. This is one of the major religious and spiritual center in the region. Temple has been one of the major centers of the Nimbarka Sampradaya. Temple has played the lead role in developing social, spiritual well being in the Lekhnath Municipality. The temple is famous among the Radha Krishna devotees. Daily Bbhagawatsewa, Gosewa, and public feasts are conducted on regular basis. Temple has been the center of Srimad Bhagwat Saptah, Eekah, Rudri, public marriage ceremony, Brata Bandha for the public. Provision of holistic health care will be one of the goals of this institution in near future.

7. Bhadrakali Temple (Mandir)Bhadrakali Temple is a temple on the East of Pokhara in Kundahar, atop a small hill. It is dedicated to the Goddess Kali Founded in the year 1817, the temple shrines the Hindu goddess of power and strength. There are two ways to reach atop: the eastern way has 292 steps to reach the temple while traversing from the southern part is only 265 steps. In the year 1817, the temple was previously known as “Mudule Thumpko.” Currently, the temple stands at 230 feet above sea level, and it is surrounded by greenery, which give it a “peaceful environment.

8. Akala Devi Temple (Mandir)Akaladevi Temple is a very Popular tourist destination in Pokhara. Akala Devi temple is situated at Lamachaur, Pokhara. It is a three tiered roof built in Nepalese style. It is dedicated to Goddess Akala Devi. The Nepalese style temple of Akala Devi at Lamachaur of Pokhara comprises three tiered roofs but is built of cement and bricks rather than wood. The temple is newly built. Originally, a small shrine honouring the goddess was present under a tree but this was later replaced by the present temple. It is mainly followed by Hinduism religion people.

9. Kedareshwar Mahadev Mani TempleKedareshwar Mahadev Mani Temple is relatively new compared to the other temples around Pokhara. Dedicated to lord Shiva, the temple is located in Pokhra-Komagane friendship park. The temple is one of the larger temples made in the old Newari Pagoda design.


10. Matepani GumbaMatepani Gumba located in Matepani, Kundahar area of Pokhara. It was established in 1960 A.D. by Nyeshang people who migrated to Pokhara from Manang. Situated on a small hill, east of the Pokhara city, the monastery is about five km from Mahendrapul. This gumba is situated on the top of a green hill mountain.

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