104.7 Millions were taken by the employees without doing any work in Nepal

May 12, 2023 – 104.7 million rupees were taken by the employees without doing any work in Nepal.

When the Nepal government placed hundreds of employees in the additional group without giving them responsibility, more than 10 crores of state funds were wasted. The employees in the additional group have spent more than 104.7 million Nepalese rupees by returning home without attending and not working. However, that amount was spent on employee salaries. Those placed in the extra group are getting salary without work.

The Nepal government has kept hundreds of employees in additional groups under various pretexts. In the financial year 2079 and 2080 B.S., the Auditor General’s office said that those employees had collected more than 104.7 million without doing any work.

Those placed in the additional group do not do any work. The Auditor General’s Office has raised questions about this tendency of the employees and has instructed the relevant ministries to give the necessary responsibilities to those who are placed in extra. Section 18 d of the Civil Service Act, 2049 and Rule 34 c of the Civil Service Rules 2050 have provisions regarding extras, but there is a provision in section 18 b of the same Act that should not be held without giving responsibility.

However, various ministries of the government have not been able to assign responsibility to many of their subordinate employees even though they have been placed in additional groups. It has been found that the law and regulations have been violated when the ministries did not give responsibility to those in the extra group.

It has been found that the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration is placing a large number of employees in the additional group and should give necessary instructions to other ministries to do the same.

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