20 Small Business Ideas in Nepal (Start with Low Budget)

Jankari Nepal – 20 Small Business Ideas in Nepal.

20 Small Business Ideas That Can Be Viable in Nepal Keep in mind that the success of these ideas depends on factors such as market demand, location, competition, and your own skills and resources.

Small Business Ideas in Nepal

1. “Tourism Services”: Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty have made it a major destination for tourists. You can start a travel agency, guesthouse, or trekking guide service.

2. “Organic Farming”: There’s a growing demand for organic produce. You could start an organic farm and sell fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. “Handicrafts and Souvenirs”: Nepal is known for its intricate handicrafts. You can sell traditional clothes, pottery, jewelry, and more.

4. “Tea/Coffee Shop”: With the growing cafe culture, opening a cozy tea or coffee shop can be a great option.

5. “Eco-Tourism”: Provide eco-friendly travel experiences that promote sustainable practices and showcase Nepal’s natural beauty.

6. “Online Store”: Start an online store selling Nepali products such as clothing, handicrafts, or herbs to a global audience.

7. “Mobile Repair Shop”: Considering the high usage of mobile phones, a mobile repair shop can be profitable.

8. “Photography/Videography”: If you are skilled in photography or videography, you can offer your services for events, tourism or businesses.

9. “Restaurant/Cafe”: With the right concept and menu, a restaurant or cafe can do well.

10. “Trekking Gear Rental”: Rent trekking equipment to tourists.

11. “Language Classes Institution”: Teach English, Korean, Japanese or other languages to locals or tourists.

12. “Homestay”: Convert your home into a homestay for tourists looking for an authentic experience.

13. “Event Planning”: Plan and organize weddings, parties, and corporate events.

14. “Beauty and Wellness Spa”: Offer spa services, yoga classes, or wellness retreats.

15. “IT Services”: Offer web development, software solutions, or IT consulting services.

16. “Travel Blogging/Vlogging”: If you are passionate about travel, you can start a blog or vlog about your adventures in Nepal.

17. “Pet Services”: Offer pet grooming, pet sitting, or pet training services.

18. “Health Food Store”: Start a store specializing in organic and health-focused foods.

19. “Cleaning Services”: Provide residential or commercial cleaning services.

20. “Recycling Business”: Start an initiative to recycle plastic, paper or other materials that contribute to Nepal’s waste problem.

Remember, before starting any business, do a good market research, make a detailed business plan, and consider the legal and regulatory requirements in Nepal. The success of your business will depend on your dedication, innovation, and ability to meet customer needs.

Steps To Register A Business in Nepal

Registering a business in Nepal involves several steps to ensure legal compliance and establish your business entity. Here’s a simplified outline of the process: (Click Here)

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