Best Hotels of Birgunj, Nepal

Jankari Nepal, Best Hotels of Birgunj.

Birgunj is a metropolitan city in Parsa District in Province No. 2 of southern Nepal. is the one of the largest cites of Nepal. Birgunj covers an area of 75.24 km2 (29.05 sq mi).

Hotels Name More Details Image Location/Maps
Hotel Makanu 051-523054 Click Here
Hotel Pujan 051-523500 Click Here
Hotel Kailash 051-522384 Click Here
Town Hall Party Palace
Click Here
Hotel Vishuwa 051-417003 Click Here
Diyalo Lords Plaza 051-525252 Click Here
Annapurna Hotel 051-520142 Click Here
Hotel Suraj 051-522859 Click Here
Hotel Samjhana 051-522122 Click Here

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