Best Tourist Place/destination to Visit in Madi, Chitwan

Jankari Nepal – Best Tourist Destination/Place to Visit in Madi, Chitwan.

Madi is a one of the tourist destination of Nepal. This place is located between Nepal’s most popular national park Chitwan National Park and tourist town Thori. Madi is a municipality in Chitwan District of Nepal. With the population about 50,000, it is the fifth municipality in the district. Former four village development committee serially from East to West Ayodhyapuri, Kalyanpur, Baghauda and Gardi are politically merged to form Madi municipality.

Best Tourist Place to Visit in Madi, Chitwan

1. Baikuntha Taal (Beautiful Waterfall)

Best Tourism Place to Visit in Madi, ChitwanBaikuntha Lake is the most popular tourist destination in Madi. Local tourists as well as foreign tourists also come to visit here, Baikunth Lake is also known as Baikunthdham. More About Baikuntha Taal (Click Here).

2. Someshwar Gadhi (Someshor Temple)

Someshwar is the Historical Temple. Someshwar temple, a symbol of the great faith of Hindus, is crowded with people every day. It is one of the best tourist and Picnic destinations in Madi. Local tourists as well as foreign tourists also come to visit here. More About Someshor Gadhi (Click Here).

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