Bhelu Baje – Wiki, Biography, Job, Family, Income, Lifestyle & More

Jankari Nepal – Bhelu Baje – Wiki, Biography, Age, Income, Family, Lifestyle & More

Bhelu Baje

Bhelu Baje (भेलु बाजे) is a viral & Popular person of Nepal, his real name is Min Bahadur Budhha. he was born in Pyuthan, Nepal. Min Bahadur Buddha used to live by farming in his village Pyuthan and one day after his comedy Sally’s talking habit video went viral on social media, many YouTubers and journalists came to interview him. Currently, he is very famous in the country and abroad for his comedy speaking habits.

Min Bahadur Buddha, known as Velu Bajer, became so viral that he was cast and acted in the song’s music video and some comedy serials. Min Bahadur was used by many YouTube views and some comedy serials to increase their TRP and now he is settling down and slowly returning to his previous lifestyle.

Bhelu Baje / Velu Baje – Age, Income, Relation, Movies, Family & More

Real Name Min Bahadur Budhha
Name in नेपाली मिन बहादुर बुद्ध
Nick Name Velu Baje
Address Pyuthan, Nepal
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Date of Birth 1961
Height 5.6″
Relation Status Married
Wife Late “Bishna Buda”
Birthplace Pyuthan, Nepal
Hometown Pyuthan
Brother and Sister N/A
Nationality Nepalese
Religion Hindu
Studies 4th Standard
Favorite Place N/A
Favorite Food N/A
Favorite Singer N/A
Hubby N/A
Profession Nothing (but He is Viral with his Comedy Language)
Famous Through
Comedy Interview
Monthly Income N/A

Malika Mahat completed her Secondary level at Ideal English Secondary English School. After that, for the Intermediate level, she joined and completed Ace Higher Secondary School. Currently, she is running the Bachelor Program at a recognized university, TU in BBA.

Bhelu Baje/Velu Baje Pictures

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