Bibid Jung Thapa (MRB Vlog) – Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Relation, Income & More

Jankari Nepal – Bibid Jung Thapa (MRB Vlog) – Wikipedia & Biography.

Bibid Jung Thapa (MRB Vlog)

Bibid Jang Thapa (बिबिदजंग थापा) is popular as MRB Vlog. He is the most popular moto vlogger in Nepal. Bibid Jang Thapa was born on January 7, 1997 in Beni, Nepal. He has made significant recognition for his motorcycle riding skills and stunts.

MRB Vlog is a solo rider. His cheerful demeanor brings happiness to his fans as well. He always remains joyful and makes efforts to keep his fans happy too. MRB inspires many youths through his travel vlogs.

Bibid Jung Thapa (MRB Vlog) – Biography, Family, Relation, Income & More

Full Name Bibid Jung Thapa
Nepali Name बिबिदजंग थापा
Father’s Name Arjun Thapa
Mother’s Name Juna Thapa
Date of Birth January 7, 1997
Birth Place Beni, Nepal
Height 5.6″
Relation Engaged
Girlfriend/Spouse Surakshya KC
Children N/A
Nationality Nepalese
Religion Hindu
Education Bachelor Running
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Hubbies Singing, traveling, riding
Profession Moto Vlogger
Income N/A
Contact Number N/A

Bibid Jung Thapa aka MRB Vlog is one of the emerging and successful vloggers of Nepal. Even before the first lockdown in Nepal, he had begun their blogger’s journey. Among the many Vloggers, MRB Vlog is also one who holds a place in the hearts of youths and riders.

MRB Vlog Aka Bibid Jung Thapa is conducting his academic journey in the BBS program of the Faculty of Management. He completed his SEE from Lok Deep Secondary School in his hometown. After that, he studied +2 from Mount Everest College.

MRB Vlog (Bibid Jung Thapa) Early life:
Bibid Jung Thapa was born on January 7, 1997 in Beni, Nepal. His father’s name is Arjun Thapa and mother’s name is Juna Thapa. His childhood life was quite good. He spent his childhood in his hometown Beni. From his childhood days, he had an interest in adventurous activities.

Bibid Jung Thapa (MRB Vlog) Marital Status and Partner.

On August 21, 2023, Bibid Jung Thapa, also known as MRB Vlog, got engaged to Surakshya KC. They were in love with each other from before. Suraksha KC is also a famous moto vlogger of Nepal. Surakshya and MRB have also done duo rides many times.

MRB Vlog height, weight and physical information

The height of the MRB Vlog is approximately 5 feet 6 inches. He is physically fit and has the distinctive feature of a lean body. Among popular YouTubers and travel Vloggers with strong physical bodies, he stands out. He keeps his weight between 60 kg to 65 kg.

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