Cheese production from goat’s milk

Jankari Nepal – May 11, 2023 – Cheese production from goat’s milk.

Dil Bahadur Gurung of Bhirkot-8 Okadi in Syangja has started producing cheese from goat’s milk. Ten years ago, he registered ‘Juna Bakhrapalan Farm’ and started rearing small breed goats. He started cheese production two weeks ago.

Gurung has been making cheese from five liters of milk daily. In his farm, there are currently 50 goats with 27 cows and 23 goats. Out of twenty seven cows, 10 are giving milk now.

While making cheese from buffalo and cow’s milk, Gurung started producing cheese from goat’s milk for the first time in Syangja. A cross has been made between the local Khari goats and the foreign Sanan breed goats. His goal is to produce milk, make cheese and soap from the produced milk.

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