Churiyamai Temple (Mandir) – Bara and Makwanpur

Jankari Nepal, Churiyamai Temple (Mandir).

(Churiya Mai Temple)

Churiyamai Temple is a beautiful Hindus goddess temple in Nepal, Churiya Mai is a worldwide popular temple because of its location near the highway, and also because the Goddess is said to fulfill the desires of her devotees.

The Churiya Mai Temple is located on the Tribhuvan Highway, at the north end of Bara and west start of Makwanpur District.

Churiya Mai Temple is one of the tourist destinations in Nepal. The goddess is worshiped as a form of Durga during the Dashain (Great Festival of Nepalese) Nawami, ninth day of Dashain. Not only from Nepal, but people from India also come to the temple for worshiping the goddess.


The Churiya Mai Temple was built during the Rana era at the Southern end of the newly-built underground road.