Citizenship Bill Published in Gazette – Downlaod Nagrikta Vidheyak (Punarpath)

June 2. 2023 – Citizenship Bill Published in Gazette.

The Nepal Citizens (First Amendment) Act, 2079 has been published in the Gazette. The bill approved by President Ramchandra Poudel on Wednesday was published in the Gazette. Now this Act will be implemented.

Download Citizenship Bill of Nepal (Nagrikta Vidheyak)

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In the new law on citizenship, there is a provision that those who are found in Nepal but are considered Nepali citizens until their father or mother is found.

After reaching the age of 16 years, they can get Nepalese citizenship based on their descendants. A child of a citizen who obtained Nepalese citizenship based on birth before 3rd of August 2072, and both father and mother are citizens of Nepal, and who obtains Nepalese citizenship based on descent after reaching the age of sixteen, who was born in Nepal from a Nepalese citizen mother and resided in Nepal and whose father is not identified. The Act provides for a person to obtain citizenship of Nepal on the basis of descent.

In the case of a person born in Nepal from a Nepali woman married to a foreign citizen, both his mother and father are Nepali citizens at the time of acquiring Nepali citizenship, if such a person born in Nepal obtains Nepalese citizenship on the basis of descent, the citizenship of the descendant is not recognized by the father, and if the father is a foreigner, such a person has obtained the citizenship on the basis of descent. There is a provision in the law that citizenship is not retained.

In the new law, there is a provision that non-residents can get Nepalese citizenship. A person who wants to get a non-resident Nepali citizenship must submit a certificate of his citizenship while living in Nepal or a certificate that his father, mother, grandfather or great-grandfather was a citizen of Nepal.

A person who has taken Nepali citizenship in the past and has not returned the citizenship certificate must also submit the certificate of Nepali citizenship that he took before for non-residential Nepali citizenship.

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