NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Published: Check Result

Jankari Nepal – NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Published: Check Grade 12th Result.

Check Result of 12th Class
Other options for Checking results are given below.

NEB 12th Result 2080/2023, Class 12 Result 2080 Published

According to the latest report of National Examination Board, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur will published the class 12 result. The National Examination Board, formerly known as the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) controls higher secondary education and examinations in Nepal.

How To Check NEB 12th Class Result?

You can check your result through online website as well as If you’re trying to check your exam results, make sure to have your symbol number and date of birth ready as mentioned.

instructions for checking a Class 12 result over the phone. To clarify, these instructions appear to be related to the National Examination Board (NEB) in Nepal, which conducts the Class 12 examinations. Students can check their results using these methods:

  1. Phone Call: Call the number 1601 and follow the instructions provided to check your Class 12 result using your SYMBOL number.
  2. SMS Method: Send an SMS with the format “NEB <SYMBOL NUMBER>” to the number 1600. Replace “<SYMBOL NUMBER>” with your actual symbol number.
  3. USSD Code: Dial *1600# and enter your SYMBOL number when prompted to check your Class 12 result.

National Examination Board (NEB) Grading System

the National Examination Board (NEB) is the examination board responsible for conducting various national-level examinations in Nepal, including the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) and Higher Secondary Education (HSEB) examinations. The grading system used by NEB for these exams has been subject to change over the years, but as of my last update, the grading system was as follows:

Score Grade Point Grade
90 and more 4 A+
80 – less than 90 3.6 A
70 – less than 80 3.2 B+
60 – less than 70 2.8 B
50 – less than 60 2.4 C+
40 – less than 50 2 C
35 – less than 40 1.6 D
less than 35 NG


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