Corona: Live Update of Nepal || Coronavirus Situation Dashboard of Nepal

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Jankari Nepal – Corona-Virus Live Update of Nepal.

Coronavirus pandemic in Nepal

 Situation/Reports of Nepal
Confirmed cases 788,769
Recovered 756,954
Deaths 11,072
Active Cases 20,743
Critical Cases

How to protect yourself from the Corona Virus?

  1. Wash your hands frequently and Properly
  2. Wear Mask Outdoors.
  3. Stay home
  4. Follow local public health guidelines
  5. Boost/Strengthen your immune system and exercise regularly.
  6. Try to stay calm
  7. Cover your coughs and sneezes with tissue.
  8. Avoid close contact with people who have flu or cold-like symptoms.
  9. Eat thoroughly cooked meat and egg. avoid contact with wild animals or farmed livestock without any protection.