DEVGHAT – Religious and Pilgrimage site in Tanahu

Jankari Nepal – DEVGHAT – Religious and Pilgrimage site.


Devghat is a popular religious and pilgrimage site located at the tricentre of Tanahun, Nawalparasi and Chitwan as well as at the junction of Gandaki, Lumbini and Narayani Zones. It is considered to be the confluence of two sacred rivers, Gandaki and Trishuli, so it has special significance for Hindus. People go to Devghat to perform religious rituals and bathe. Located on the border of Chitwan and Tanahu, this religious place is surrounded by green hills and forests.

Devghat is not only a religious place but also a place of natural beauty and tranquility. Many pilgrims and tourists come to this region to seek spiritual solace and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Especially during festivals like Makar Sankranti and Shivaratri, a big fair is held here. The region has deep connections with the Hindu epic Ramayana, and it is said that Lord Rama and Goddess Sita spent a significant part of their exile here.

Overall, Devghat serves as an important religious and cultural site in Nepal, attracting devotees, tourists and spiritual seekers alike.

How to go Devghat?

Devghat is located in the tri-centre of Tanahun, Nawalparasi and Chitwan. The distance from Chitwan’s Bharatpur airport to Devghat is about 21 km. On the way from Nawalparasi to Devghat, one has to pass through Narayangarh in Chitwan. The distance from Narayangarh to Devghat is about 18 km.

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