Exam schedule of 4 Years B.Ed., B.B.S. & B.Sc. 4th Year 2079

Jankari NepalTU Exam Routine of B.Ed., B.B.S. & B.Sc. 4th Year

Tribhuvan University has published the exam schedule/Routine for B.Ed., B.B.S. & B.Sc. 4th year.

TU Exam Routine of B.Ed., B.B.S. & B.Sc. 4th Year

TU Exam Routine of 4 Years B.Sc iv Year 2079

Exam Time: 12:00 PM to 3:00 Pm

Date Subject Code
2079-11-10 Computational Course 408
2079-11-12 Bot./Chem/Env.Sc./Geology/Metrology/Math./Microbiology/ Physics/Stat/Zoology 401
2079-11-14 Bot./Chem/Env.Sc./Geology/Metrology/Math./Microbiology/ Physics/Stat/Zoology 403
2079-11-15 Mathematics 404
2079-11-16 Bot./Chem/Env.Sc./Geology/Metrology/Math./Microbiology/ Physics/Stat/Zoology 405
2079-11-17 Math (Mathematical Economics) 408
2079-11-17 Math (Mathematical Modeling) 409
2079-11-18 Bot./Chem/Env.Sc./Geology/Metrology/Math./Microbiology/ Physics/Stat/Zoology 407
2079-11-19 Mathematics 402
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TU Exam Routine of 4 Years B.B.S. iv Year 2079

Exam Time: 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Date Subjects/code no.
2079-11-10 ACC.-250 Accounting for banking/FIN,-250Fundamentals of Corporate Finance/MKT,-250 Fundamentals of Selling/MGT,-250. Entrepreneurship and Small Business management
2079-11-12 MGR-220 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
2079-11-14 ACC-251 Accounting for business/FIN-251 Commercial Bank Management /MKT.-251 Customer Relationship Management /MGT-251 International business
2079-11-15 MGT-221 Business Research Methods
2079-11-17 ACC-252 Advanced Financial Accounting/FIN.-252 Foundations of Financial Institutions and Market/MKT.-252 Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal/MGT.-252 Management of Industrial Relations
2079-11-19 ACC-253 Advance Auditing/FIN.-253, Fundamentals of Investment/MKT.-253 Fundamentals of Advertising/MGT.-253 Productivity Management
2079-11-21 ACC.- 254 Budgeting and Controlling of Profit/FIN-254 Insurance and Risk management/MKT-254 Fundamentals of Services Marketing/MGT.- 254 Quality management
Download Routine: TU Routine 2079

TU Exam Routine of 4 Years B.Ed. iv Year 2079

Exam Time: 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Date Subjects/code no.
2079-11-10 Compulsory Subjects (Ed.-442 (Classroom Instruction) Ed.-443. ICT in Edu./Sost.Ed. 443 (Economic Devt. Regi.Driver.and inter.in Nepal)/Hist. Ed.-444 (ICT in Hist.Edu.) Math.Ed.-444 ICT in Mathe.Edu.)SC.Ed.-444 (ICT in Science Edu.)
2079-11-12 Major Subjects (Code no. Ed.-445) Nep.Ed.(अनुसन्धान बिधि)/Eng.Ed.(Reseach) Methodology in Eng.Edu.)/Math.Ed.(Linear Algebra & Vector Analysis)/Sc.Ed. (Chemistry IV)HP,Ed.(School Health Program & Community Health Survey)/Pop.Ed. (Fundamentals of Ageing)/Geo.Ed.(Geo.of Environment, Hazard & Disaster Mgmt.)/Eco.Ed.(Managerial Eco & Research in Eco.Edu.)Hist.Ed.Dawan of Democracy in Nepal (1950 to2006) Pol.Sc.Ed.Human Right & Social Justice)/Ed.PM (Social.Mgt.Practices
2079-11-14 Major Subjects (Code no.Ed.-446)Nep.Ed.(व्यवहारिक लेखन तथा सम्पादन)/Eng.Ed.(Literature for Language Development)/Math.Ed.(Adv.Calculus)/Sc.Ed. (Physics IV)/HP.Ed.Sport Training in Physical Edu.)/Pop.Ed.(Project Work & Seminar on Pop.Edu.)/Geo.Ed.(Geographic Techniques)/Eco.Ed.(Population Economics)/Hits.Ed.Research Methodology in Hist. & Hist. Writing/Pol.Sc.Ed.(Election Politics in Nepal)/Ed.PM.(Social Justice Edu.)
2079-11-16 Minor Subjects (code No.-449)Nep.Ed. (व्यवहारिक लेखन तथा सम्पादन)/Eng.Ed.(Literature for Language Development)/ Math.Ed.(Algebra)/ Sc.Ed.(Animal Science IV) P.Ed. (Sports Training in Physical Edu.) Pop.Ed.(Project Work & Seminar on Pop.Edu.)/ Geo.Ed.(Geo.of Environment Hazard & Disaster Mgmt.)Eco.Ed.(Population Economics)/Pol.Sc.Ed.(Election Politics of Nepal) Ed.PM(school Mgmt.Practices)
2079-11-18 Minor Subjects (Code no.-448 Sc.Ed. (Plant Science IV) H.Ed. (School Health Program & Community Health Survey) hist.Ed./ Sost.Ed. 448 (Economic Devt. Regi.Drive.and inter.in Nepal)
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