Kankali Temple, Simraungadh, Bara

Jankari Nepal – Kankali Temple “Mandir” – Simraungadh, Bara.

Kankali Temple, one of the famous sacred Hindu temples in Bara, This temple is believed to be 100 years old Rana Temple, which is built in the shikhara style architecture. The total area occupied by this temple is 3,380 square kilometers. The main skeletal statue of Kankali Mai is believed to be dated back to the 12th century. During the festivals of Rama Navami in Chaitra, there is the presence of thousands of worshipers from Nepal and India.

Tourist Attractions in Kankali Temple is Ishra Pond, Mansaram Baba Temple, Parvati Temple, Hanuman Temple and Etc. Kankali Temple located in the southeastern part of the Simraungadh market area.

The idol of Kankali Mai is placed in the temple, which is made of black stone and believed to be mangled by Tughlaq armies. The date L.S. 119 (which must be in Vikram Samvat: 1340 and Common era: 1283) is engraved on the Ghanta, which is placed in front of this temple. Before the renovation of this temple, the ruin of this temple was known as “Kankali Mai Sthaan”. The temple was restored in a small size by Mansaram Baba before 1816 AD and the present structure was made by his disciple, Ram Sewak Das in 1967 AD.

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