Koilabhar Temple (Mandir) – Parsa, Nepal

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Koilabhar Temple

Koilabhar Temple (कोइलाभार मन्दिर) is a famous and Historical Temple in Parsa district of Madhesh Province of Nepal. The Koilabhar Temple is an important religious place of the Hindus. FAITH AND pavitrataki Devi shrine koilabharako it Parsa district headquarters Birgunj 33 km Located on the west side.

This temple is frequented by devotees throughout the year. Here every year by Chris Chris Shukla Shukla Purnima day chaturdasi day suru looks fair.

Hundreds of bulls, goats and lambs are sacrificed to the Goddess of coal. Koilabhar Temple Located in Parsagadhi Municipality of Parsa District. “Map

Koilabhar Temple stands as a famous and historically important religious site within the borders of Parsa district within the Madhesh province of Nepal. Koilavar Temple, this revered sanctuary holds supreme place in the hearts of the faithful. With unwavering faith and devotion, people flock to this divine temple seeking solace and spiritual connection.

Located in a forest just 33 km west of Birgunj, the district headquarters of Parsa, Koilavar Temple is a beacon of devotion and holiness. This sacred abode is dedicated to the divine deity, a symbol of faith and purity, whose presence resonates deep within the souls of pilgrims embarking on this spiritual journey.

The temple’s historical and cultural significance is interwoven with the tapestry of Nepal’s heritage, a testament to the enduring devotion of its people. As devotees and travelers approach this sacred site, the air becomes infused with reverence and a palpable sense of the sacred. The Koilabhar Temple stands not only as a place of worship but also as a bridge connecting the past and present, uniting generations in a shared bond of faith and reverence.

Photo of Koilbhar Temple

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