“Motu Patlu” is being broadcast in Nepali language

Jankari Nepal – “Motu Patlu” is now being broadcast in Nepali.

The popular Indian animated sitcom TV show ‘Motu Patlu’ is now going to be dubbed in Nepali language. Galaxy 4k Television is going to broadcast the cartoon series from next Monday.

This series, which is very popular among Nepali children, started broadcasting in India from 2012. Suresh Paudel, program producer and director of Galaxy 4k, said that they are going to bring the program to the Nepali target group.

This TV show will be aired every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 PM. The Nepali audience had been watching this program in Hindi since before.

This program, placed in the genre of satire and sarcasm, was produced by Kasmas Maya Studios and Viacom-18. It is reported that the show directed by Subas Kadhav is also being broadcast on television channels in other languages ​​of the world. Lately, while foreign reality shows and franchises of some serials are being aired on Nepali television, the popular children’s program ‘Motu Patlu’ is about to be aired for the first time.

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