Bibid Jung Thapa (MRB Vlog) and Surakshya KC got engaged

Jankari Nepal – Bibid Jung Thapa (MRB Vlog) and Surakshya KC got engaged.

Two famous Moto Vloggers of Nepal are engaged. Famous moto vlogger Bibid Jung Thapa aka MRB Vlog and famous lady moto vlogger Surakshya KC are engaged to each other. After nearly 4 years of a relationship, they got engaged. They publicly announced their engagement through their social media networks.

Biography of Bibid Jung Thapa Aka MRB Vlog (Click Here)
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MRB Vlog

Bibid Jung Thapa, also known as MRB, has established himself as a successful moto Vlogger in Nepal. His YouTube channel boasts over 1 million subscribers. MRB is the only moto Vlogger in Nepal with more than a million subscribers. He motivates the youth through his videos.

Similarly, Surakshya KC has emerged as Nepal’s top lady moto Vlogger. Her YouTube channel has garnered more than 425,000 subscribers. Surakshya KC is not just a moto Vlogger but also a talented dancer. Her dance videos have gained significant popularity.

Engagement Photo of MRB Vlog and Surakshay KC.

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