Nepal will be made an international tourist destination

Jankari Nepal, April 6, 2023.

The government aims to develop Nepal as an international tourist destination. The priority and common minimum program of the United Government announced today at the office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers has brought a plan to develop the necessary infrastructure for achieving the said goal. It is included in the common minimum program for making necessary plans for the infrastructure development of the tourism sector.

In addition to developing infrastructure such as airports, aviation, and Himalayan roads, the government’s priority is to manage the development and quality of service providers such as hotels, travel agencies, and taking agencies in the tourist area. The government has mentioned developing cultural, biological and geographical diversity as the main area of ​​tourism, proper management of national parks and reserves, and the government is going to make necessary plans for the infrastructure development of the tourism sector including Nijgad Airport.

Although the process of construction of Nijgadh International Airport, which is proposed as a project of national pride in Bara, has progressed, the work of the project has not been able to take off due to the environmental issues not being resolved. The government has started the necessary process to speed up this project. So far, the airport has been set up and fenced.

With the goal of conducting a special program to develop green tourism, the government has planned to develop sports as an industry and build international level sports infrastructure and develop Khedkud tourism.

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