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Jankari Nepal – All About NEPOVIT Tiles.


Nepovit Tiles is a company established as the first tiles company in Nepal. Nepal Ceramic Industries Pvt. Ltd., which manufactures Nepovit tiles, was established in 2022 A.D. as the first tiles company in Nepal.

The company, which is manufacturing world-class strong tiles from its own soil in Nepal, has employed thousands of people in the country. Nepovit Tiles Company, located in Ward No. 8 of Jitpursimara sub-metropolitan city of Bara, has been doing various programs including tree planting for environmental protection.

Napovit tiles have designs that reflect the culture of Nepal. Nepovit Tiles Company, which started at a cost of more than 200 crores, is progressing day by day in ceramic industries. The company aims to provide customers with attractive and quality tiles.

According to Sambhunath Sah and Manoj Prasad Rauniyar, directors of Nepal Ceramic Industries Pvt. Ltd., Nepovit means Nepalese gold. The name Nepovit is derived from the word nep of Nepal and Italian word vit. In Italian language, gold is called vit.

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