OPPO Mobile Price in Nepal

Jankari Nepal – Oppo Mobile Price in Nepal.

Oppo Mobile is one of the most popular mobile phones in Nepal, most of the time Oppo Mobile is sought for selfie capture.

Oppo Mobile Price in Nepal || Latest Update

Model Spec. Price in Nepal More
F15 (Click Here)
Reno 10x zoom  8/256GB Rs. 89,990 (Click Here)
Reno2 F 8/128GB Rs. 46,990 (Click Here)
F11 Pro 6/128GB Rs. 38,990 (Click Here)
F11 4/64GB Rs. 29,990 (Click Here)
R17 Pro Rs. 59,990 (Click Here)
A5 (2020) 3/64GB Rs. 22,990 (Click Here)
A5 (2020) 4/128GB Rs. 25,490 (Click Here)
A9(2020) 8/128GB Rs. 33,590 (Click Here)
A57 Rs. 24,990 (Click Here)
A71 2018 Rs. 17,250 (Click Here)
A71 Rs. 15,990 (Click Here)
A3s 2/16GB Rs. 18,490  (Click Here)
A3s 3/32GB Rs. 24,590 (Click Here)
A83 2018 Rs. 27,490 (Click Here)
A83 Rs. 23,990 (Click Here)
F7 Youth  Rs. 31,590 (Click Here)
F7  4/64GB Rs. 38,990  (Click Here)
F7  6/128GB Rs. 46,590  (Click Here)
F9 4/64GB Rs. 37,990 (Click Here)
F9 6/64GB Rs. 45,490  (Click Here)
A7 Rs. 32,990 (Click Here)
A1K  Rs. 14,790 (Click Here)
A5s 2GB Rs. 16,990  (Click Here)
A5s  3GB Rs. 18,590 (Click Here)

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