Paragliding started in Chitwan on the occasion of New Year

April 14, 2080 – Paragliding started in Chitwan.

Commercial paragliding flights have also started in Chitwan from today. Paragliding, known as adventure sport tourism, started from Choukidada in Bharatpur Metropolitan warda no 29. Shalik Dawadi, Board Director of Himalayan Frontiers Paragliding Company, which started the commercial flight of paragliding for the first time in Chitwan, informed that the flight was started on the occasion of the first day of the new year. He said, ‘We will do it after the official inauguration, but the flight has already started.’

Paragliding will take off from Choukianda in Chitwan and land on the bank of Trishuli River in Devghat Rural Municipality warda no 5 of Tanahun. Shalik Dawadi said that the 8,000 rupees charged for the paragliding flight was charged 6,000 rupees with a 25 percent discount. 10 paragliding flights have been brought. Dawadi informed that preparations have been made so that up to 45 people can fly daily.

The president of the company, Bijay Ghale, said that along with jungle safari tourism, paragliding, which is another ‘item’ of adventure tourism, has been started in Chitwan. “With the new year, a new dimension has been added to Chitwan’s tourism business,” President Ghale said, “In Chitwan, which is famous for jungle safari, domestic and foreign tourists can now enjoy paragliding.”

Chowkidanda can be reached after walking 9 km north from Bhorle and 5 km north from Jugedi on the Mugling-Narayangadh road section. Chowkidanda is at a height of 1200 meters. The company has also taken permission for paragliding from Kavilas of Bharatpur-29 along with Chowkidanda. Kavilas is at a height of 580 meters.

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