Parasnath Temple – Mahuwan, Parsa

Jankari Nepal, Parasnath Temple (Parsa)

(Parasnath Temple)

Parasnath Temple stands as a captivating Hindu temple nestled in the picturesque Mahuwan Village of Parsa, Nepal. This resplendent “Parasnath Temple” is not only a place of worship but also a prominent jewel among the tourist attractions in the Parsa District.

The temple holds its serene abode approximately 15 kilometers to the west of Birgunj, gracefully adorning the landscape of Mahuwan Village. Dedicated to Lord Shivnath, this divine abode offers pilgrims and visitors alike a spiritual haven amidst the tranquility of nature. The temple’s surroundings echo with the whispers of devotion and the rustling of leaves, creating an aura of reverence that reverberates through the dense forests that embrace it.

As an architectural masterpiece and a testament to faith, Parasnath Temple holds a place of significance not only for devotees but also for those seeking to immerse themselves in the cultural and spiritual tapestry of the region.

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