Raniwas Temple and Palace – Simraungadh, Bara

Jankari Nepal – Raniwas Temple and Palace – Simraungadh, Bara.

“Raniwas” Temple which is also known as ‘Ram Mandir’, ‘Ram Janaki Mandir’, ‘Raniwas Palace’ and ‘Mahal Sarai’ is located 1 Kilometer north of Simraungadh market area and 2 Kilometer north of the Indian border.  It covers a total of 600 bighas including the palace.

The meaning behind the Raniwas is Queen’s Residence, where ‘Rani’ means ‘Queen’ and ‘Was’ means ‘Residence’. Famous as the historical monument and religious site in Bara district.

The present Ram Janaki temple is built in 1878 AD by Jagat Jung Rana, son of Jung Bahadur Rana. In 1877 AD, then Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana died at a place called Patharghat, Rautahat while returning from a hunting camp from Simraungadh. According to the wish expressed by his queen Hiranyagarbha Devi while going to Sati, his son built this temple in 1878 AD.

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