Roshani Rasaili – Wiki, Biography, Songs, Relation, Family, Net worth, Age & More

Jankari Nepal – Roshani Rasaili – Wiki, Biography, Relation, Family, Age and More.

Roshani Rasaili

Roshani Rasaili (रोशनी रसाइली) is a famous Nepali singer, has enraptured audiences with her enchanting melodies. Her celestial voice has cast a spell on countless souls, as she effortlessly delivers one mesmerizing Nepali song after another. Born on the 5th of November, 1984, in the picturesque town of Baglung, nestled in the heart of Gandaki, Nepal, Rasaili’s roots are deeply intertwined with the rich cultural heritage of her homeland. Her formative years were spent in the idyllic surroundings of Baglung, where she blossomed into the musical prodigy she is today.

She has graced the world with her melodious voice, enchanting audiences with a plethora of captivating songs. Among her repertoire are timeless classics such as “Driver Dai,” “Tetis Kilo Sun,” “Kavrema Gharchha,” “RaksiGanayo,” and many more. With a profound expertise in Nepalese folk, duet, and lok pop genres, she has become a true virtuoso in her craft. However, her influence extends far beyond her chart-topping hits. Through her mesmerizing performances, she has revolutionized the music industry, introducing fresh and innovative trends that have left an indelible mark. Her discography is adorned with numerous other sensational songs that have resonated deeply with her adoring fans.

NameRoshani Rasaili
Nepali Nameरोशनी रसाइली
Father’s NameRam Bahadur Bishwakarma
Mother’s NameDil Maya Bishwakarma
Date of Birth5th November 1984
BirthplaceBaglung, Nepal
Family Member3
Relationship StatusMarried
Spouse/HusbandRamesh Shivshankar
DaughterShuhana Shivshankar
EducationMusic Associate Arts IA
EyeDark Brown
HobbiesDancing, Singing and Traveling
Contact NumberN/A


After completing her education in the nurturing embrace of her hometown, she embarked on a journey to the vibrant city of Kathmandu, where she continues to captivate audiences with her celestial voice.Commencing her illustrious odyssey in the year 2009, she graced the ethereal domain of music as a captivating minstrel and harmonious duet singer in the enchanting city of Kathmandu. Her mellifluous voice reverberated through the atmosphere, enchanting audiences with her exquisite renditions of popular Nepali folk melodies. In that very year, she unveiled her debut opus, “Kati Palayo Dali,” a harmonious symphony crafted in collaboration with the exceptionally talented Krishna Gc. However, it was with her solo album, “Mutubijhaune,” that she truly etched her indelible mark in the illustrious Nepali Music Industry.

Through her soul-stirring performances and unwavering dedication, she has emerged as a prominent luminary in the realm of duet and folk singing, firmly establishing herself as one of the foremost voices in the Nepali music industry. Her unwavering commitment and tireless pursuit of excellence over the span of fourteen years have propelled her to the zenith of triumph, elevating her to the ranks of the most prolific and extraordinary female vocalists in Nepal.


Roshani Rasaili, hailing from the picturesque town of Baglung, gracefully concluded her academic journey by obtaining the esteemed School Leaving Certificate (SLC). Driven by her thirst for knowledge, she embarked on a new chapter in the splendid capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, where she commenced her higher education. With unwavering dedication, Roshani successfully attained her IA degree from the prestigious Ratna Rajyalaxmi Campus, affiliated with the esteemed Tribhuvan University.

Roshani Family:

In the opulent abode of Roshani, a triumvirate of individuals resides, comprising of her esteemed Husband and their cherished daughter. The paragon of intellect, her husband, adorns the title of an esteemed engineer. Nestled amidst the resplendent city of Kathmandu, their regal family flourishes in grandeur.

Roshani Rasaili Marital Status, Partner or Boyfriend:

RoshaniRasaili, a woman of exquisite refinement married to Ramesh Shivashankar he is also a very talented engineer.

Roshani Rasaili height, weight and physical information:

Roshani Rasaili, with her elegant stature, stands at an impressive height of around 5 feet and 2 inches. Her physical fitness is truly remarkable, boasting a lean and graceful figure that sets her apart. Maintaining her weight between 50 kg to 55 kg, she exudes a sense of poise and sophistication.


Roshani Rasaili YouTube, Facebook, Instagram& other Handles

Roshani Rasaili, a renowned Nepali vocalist, exudes an air of opulence and grace. Her presence on Instagram, in addition to Facebook, is a testament to her prominence in the digital realm. Not only does she captivate her audience on these platforms, but she also maintains an active presence on various other popular networks such as LinkedIn and YouTube. Roshani Rasaili’s multifaceted online persona truly reflects her status as a distinguished artist.

Guinness World Records

On the first day of February in the year 2018, a song of unparalleled magnificence, known as “Most Vocal Solos in a Song Recording,” was bestowed with the prestigious recognition of the Guinness World Records. This extraordinary accomplishment can be attributed to the melancholic masterpiece titled MELANCHOLY, which showcased the mesmerizing vocal talents of not one, not two, but a staggering 365 Nepali Artists. The ethereal harmonies were meticulously captured on the 19th day of May in the year 2016, within the hallowed walls of Radio Nepal Studio, nestled in the heart of Singh Durbar, Kathmandu Nepal.

However, the significance of this opus extends far beyond its musical prowess. It serves as a resplendent testament to the artist’s unwavering commitment to the noble cause of Sustainable Environment and Ecosystem Management (SEEM). This symphonic marvel was unveiled to the world during a grand musical extravaganza, where the luminary National poet, Madhav Ghimire, graced the occasion with his presence. The esteemed Rt. Hon. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, a beacon of leadership, also honored the event with his distinguished presence. To add to the grandeur of this momentous occasion, the unveiling of this 33 minutes and 49 seconds long opus was officiated by none other than the revered Rt. Hon. President of Nepal, Bidya Devi Bhandari, on the 2nd day of September in the year 2017. The enchanting city of Kathmandu served as the backdrop for this auspicious event, where the air was filled with anticipation and reverence for the artist’s unparalleled talent. Truly, this remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the artist’s unwavering dedication, artistic brilliance, and profound impact on both the musical realm and the preservation of our precious environment.

International Award

Roshani rasaili has been honored with international awards in “Best Women Leadership Excellence in the Music & Entertainment Industry” category. The award was organized by South Asian Partnership Summit & Business Excellence Awards (SAPS) in December 10, 2021, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

National Award

Roshani Rasaili, a true epitome of talent and grace, has been bestowed with prestigious national accolades across diverse domains. Her enchanting voice and mesmerizing performances have earned her the esteemed title of the Best folk-pop Singer in the enchanting melody of “Furfur Putali” lok pop song. Furthermore, her soul-stirring rendition in the captivating “Sali Bhena” song has rightfully crowned her as the Best Nepali folk female singer. The ethereal charm of her voice resonated in the hearts of millions, leading her to be honored as the Best Teej Song Singer for her captivating rendition of “Garchhu Maya Garchhu” song. And also awarded Best Folk Duet Singer (Which was organized by National Creative Citizen Award 2023)

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