Sahajnath Temple (Katghat Shiv Mandir) – Bara

Jankari Nepal – Sahajnath Temple (Katghat Shiv Mandir) – Bara.

Sahajanath Temple is also known as Katghat Temple. Sahajnath temple is also included in the list of popular temples of Bara. Lord Shiva is worshiped in Sahajnath temple or Katghat mandir. Sahajnath temple is located in the forest on the road from Bara Pathlaiya to Nijgarh, this temple is about 3-4 km from the main highway.

Sahajnath Shiva Temple is one of the tourist destinations in Nepal. worshiped of Lord Shiv during the Shrawan Month (Great Festival of Nepalese and Bihari). Not only from Nepal, but people from India also come to the temple for worshiping the Lord Shiv. In the month of Shrawan, Jal is brought from Bagmati river and offered to Sahajnath.

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