Savya KC – Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Relation, Controversy, Income & More

Jankari Nepal – Savya KC – Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Relation, Controversy, Income & More.

Savya KC

Savya KC (सभ्या केसी) aka Savya Rides is the first Nepali lady moto vlogger. She is also a content creator and social media influencer along with vlogger, Savya KC’s YouTube channel is named Savya Rides, so she is widely known as Savya Rides. she was born on 6th November 2000 in Kolkata, India.

Savya KC, although born in Kolkata, India, but she grew up in Pokhara, Nepal. She comes from a middle-class family, where her father worked as a government employee and her mother was a housewife. Savya brings happiness to her fans with her cheerful voice. She always remains joyful and makes efforts to keep her fans happy too. Through her travel and moto Vlogs, Savya inspires many youngster.

Savya KC (Savya Rides) – Biography, Family, Relation, Income & More

Full Name Savya KC
Nepali Name सभ्या केसी
Nick Name Savya Rides
Father’s Name Suraj KC
Mother’s Name Aarti KC
Date of Birth November 6, 2000
Birth Place Kolkota, India
Current Residency Sydney Australia
Height 5.5″
Relation Single
Boyfriend/Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Nationality Nepalese
Religion Hindu
Education BBA
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Hubbies Traveling, Watching Videos, eating food
Profession Moto Vlogger, Youtuber
Income N/A
Contact Number N/A

Savya had a dreams of becoming a Moto Vlogger from an early age. This is because, at a young age, she rode her uncle’s Hero Splendor motorcycle. After completing the 10th grade, she requested her father and bought a new KTM 200 bike.

After buying a KTM 200 motorcycle after making a request with her father, she started her journey to become a motorcycle Vlogger. At that time, there weren’t any female moto Vloggers in Nepal, and she became the first successful female Moto Vlogger in the country.

Savya Rides used to travel to different parts of the country. Fans loved her voiceover in her vlog videos, and her cute, expressive face.

Savya aka Savya Rides completed her SEE from Fishtail Secondary School Pokhara. After that, she did her +2 from Sagarmatha Secondary college Pokhara. And from there Savya completed her graduation in BBA.

Savya KC Early life, Family:
Savya KC was born on 6 November 2000 in Kolkata, India. Born in India, she came to Nepal with her family, At the age of 4. Savya grew up in Pokhara city of Nepal and spent her childhood there. His father was Indian Army. They left all the services and left the job of the Indian Army and came to Nepal with their family.

Savya Born in the Kshatriya caste, she and her family follow Hinduism. Her Father Name is Suraj Kc and Mother Name is Aarati KC. So far there is no information about hes brother or sister. It is said that Savya is the only daughter of her parents.

Savya KC height, weight and physical information:
The height of Savya aka Savya Rides is approximately 5 feet 5 inches. She is physically fit and has the distinctive feature of a lean body. She keeps her weight between 50 kg to 60 kg.

Savya KC’s Marital Status, Partner and Boyfriend.

Savya KC was in an open relationship with India’s popular vlogger Anurag Dobhal Aka UK 07 Sider. But suddenly they broke up their relation in 2022. At the end of 2021, Anurag came to Nepal to meet Savya. After going home from Nepal, he went to India to talk about our marriage with his mother, but even after going to India, Anurag started talking less and less with Savya and one day he stopped talking. No one knew what the reason was.

Later it was said that Anurag’s mother did not accept for marriage, but the real thing was not known until now. On the other hand, Savya went into depression thinking about Anurag, she kept waiting for Anurag to come and pick me up, day by day Savya also became normal again in her life and now she has forgotten all the pain and started a new life.

Savya’s name was also associated with Nepal’s famous moto vlogger Bibid Jung Thapa aka MRB Vlog. But both of them did not say anything official about it, it was just a rumor and it was gradually revealed.

Some difficult days of Savya’s life:
Savya’s life had many ups and downs, after her breakup with Anurag, her YouTube channel with millions of subscribers was hacked. Before this, Savya had a dispute with some Indian Moto vlogger, in which Savya had to face a lot of criticism and insults without her fault.

Savya YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & other Handles
Savya, a famous Nepali lady moto vlogger, is most active on Instagram apart from YouTube. She is also active in other common networks including Facebook, WhatsApp.

Savya’s YouTube channel:
After Savya’s YouTube channel was hacked, many attempts were made to recover the channel, but it could not be recovered. After that, Savya again made a new channel with name name ‘Savya Rides’ and again connected her fans.

Some Gorgeous Pictures of Savya Rides

Savya KC

Savya draws the audience towards her with her cute face and at the same time, she also attracts the audience towards her with her Gorgeous looks.

Common Questions about Savya:

1. When was Savya Rides Born?
= Savya KC was born on 6th November 2000.
2. Where was Savya KC born?
= Savya KC was born in Kolkata, India.
3. Savya is Indian or Nepali?
= Savya KC was born in India, but she’s Nepali.
4. Who is Savya Rides and why he is popular??
= She is a Popular Moto vlogger.
3. Savya comes Which type of family?
= She comes from a middle-class family

Old Picture of Savya:

2017’s pictures

Savya was very cute even at the age of 16-17. Even then, his face looks as innocent as it is now.

Best Photo of Savya:

Savya’s Favorite bike duke and riding gear on her body, a bag with her goods and beautiful flag of Nepal, this photo is one of the best photos of Savya. Many say that this photo is Savya’s best photo.

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