Sisan Baniya – Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Relation, Income & More

Jankari Nepal – Sisan Baniya – Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Relation, Controversy, Income & More

Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya (सिसन बानिया) is a popular vlogger from Nepal. He was born on May 17, 1989 in Basantapur, Kathmandu Nepal. Sisan is an ambitious film producer, photographer and documentary filmmaker as well. His YouTube channel operates under the name “Sisan Baniya” and “The Paradygm TV.” His cheerful demeanor brings happiness to his fans as well. He always remains joyful and makes efforts to keep his fans happy too. Sisan inspires many youths through his vlogs.

He possesses unparalleled creativity through which he has established himself as a reigning figure in the Nepali YouTube trends. When discussing his videos on YouTube, his channel encompasses various scopes. We can explore family Vlogs, rural lifestyles, international travels, as well as domestic vlogs through his channel. It is evident that Sisan has a strong affinity for motorcycles, and thus, we can anticipate seeing numerous moto vlogs on his channel. He successfully hosts a podcast show known as “Paradygm Podcast.”

Sisan Baniya – Biography, Family, Relation, Income & More

Full Name Sisan Baniya
Nepali Name सिसन बानिया
Father’s Name Shyam Raj Baniya
Mother’s Name Sushila Baniya
Date of Birth May 17, 1989
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Height 5.8″
Relation Single
Girlfriend/Spouse N/A
Children No
Nationality Nepalese
Religion Hindu
Education Master in Business Administration
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Hubbies Traveling, Listing music, acting
Profession Vlogger & Content Creator
Income N/A
Contact Number N/A

Sisan Baniya started his career from YouTube. When he uploaded his first video on YouTube, it wasn’t particularly well-received, but he continued to upload videos consistently and gradually found success. He’s often referred to as Nepal’s first successful YouTuber.

After gaining popularity on YouTube, he started receiving sponsorships and collaborations from various brands. He also created videos for different brands. With his growing YouTube presence, he was even seen in Anaagat films as a cinematographer. Currently, he is also involved in Vlogging, photography, and podcasting.

Sisan Baniya completed his School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from Gyanodaya Bal Batika Higher Secondary School and 12th From Himalayan white house Int’l college. He pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) from Apex College in Kathmandu and completed his Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Phoenix College of Management in Kathmandu.

Sisan Bania was very good at studies since childhood. Apart from studies, he has also received training in acting from Aarohan Gurukul.

Sisan Baniya Early life & Family:
Sisan Baniya was born on May 17, 1989 in Basantapur, Kathmandu Nepal. His father’s name is Shyam Raj Baniya and mother’s name is Sushila Baniya. His childhood life was quite good. He spent his childhood in his hometown Kathmandu. From his childhood days, he had an interest in adventurous activities. He also has a elder brother and sister

Sisan Baniya height, weight and physical information:

The height of the MRB Vlog is approximately 5 feet 8 inches. He is physically fit and has the distinctive feature of a lean body. Among popular YouTubers and travel Vloggers with strong physical bodies, he stands out. He keeps his weight between 70 kg to 80 kg.

Sisan Baniya Marital Status, Partner or Girlfriend.

Sisan baniya and Shrinkhala Khatiwada Relation:
It was rumored in 2020 that Sisan Baniya and former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada were in a romantic relationship, which had garnered a lot of attention. However, they did not officially confirm this. Currently, they are not in a contact with each other. Despite media speculations about a breakup between Sisan Baniya and former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada, they have stated that they are not in a romantic relationship.

Sisan baniya and Shristi Shrestha Relation:
In 2022, there were rumors about Sisan being paired with actress Shristi Shrestha, but this has not been officially confirmed either.

Sisan YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & other Handles
Sisan, a famous Nepali vlogger and Content Creator, is most active on Instagram apart from YouTube. He is also active in other common networks including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchats.

Sisan’s YouTube channel:
His YouTube channel operates under the name “Sisan Baniya” and “The Paradygm TV.”

Common Questions about Sisan Baniya:

1. When was Sisan Baniya Born?
= Sisan baniya was born on May 17, 1989.
2. Where was Sisan Baniya born?
= Sisan was born in Kathmandu, Nepal.
3. Sisan is Actor or YouTuber?
= Sisan is YouTuber and Content Creator.
4. Who is Sisan and why he is popular??
= He is a Popular vlogger.

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