Snowfall in Sandakpur area of Ilam

Jankari Nepal – December 8 – Snowfall in Sandakpur area of Ilam.

There has been snowfall in the upper region of Ilam around Sandakpur. Snow has started falling in the area after the rain. Local Lakpa Sherpa informed that there was snowfall in Joubari, Kalpokhari and other areas of Sandakpur Rural Municipality, which is bordered with India. According to him, the life of the people in that area has been affected with the snowfall and the cold.

It is said that it started snowing from Thursday afternoon and it has been snowing since early morning today. Sandakpur is the highest place in the district. Its height is 3,636 meters. With the snowfall and the cold, the life of the area has been affected.

Although there are problems for the elderly and children, the young people enjoy the snow. There are also problems for those who live in the stables. It is said that after the snowfall, tourists from other areas of the district also started going to play in the snow.

It has been a problem to work outside the home. It is said that although there is a problem in cutting the grass, the farmers will get relief from the snow. Farmers say that snow keeps dry land moist for a long time.

Even in the winter days, when it snows, you can find people enjoying the snow as well. Local Lakpa Sherpa said that tourists will increase after snowfall. He informed that there was no heavy snowfall last year, but this year it started snowing from the beginning. Due to the tourists who go to play in the snow, even the hotels in that area are full.

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