Someshwar Gadhi – Historical Tourist Destination in Madi, Chitwan

Jankari Nepal – Someshwar Gadhi – Tourist and Picnic Sport in Madi Chitwan.

Someshwar GadhiSomeshwar is the Historical Place of Madi. Someshwor Gadhi is also known as Someshwar temple, a symbol of the great faith of Hindus, is crowded with people every day. It is one of the best tourist and Picnic destinations in Madi. Local tourists as well as foreign tourists also come to visit here. The entire city of Madi can be seen from the top of Someshwar Gadhi

About Someshwar Gadhi:
It is said that King Mukunda Sen of Palpa built Someshwar Gadi to protect it from the British. Someshwar Gadi in Madi of Chitwan district promoted as a new tourist destinations of Nepal. Someshwar Gadi in Madi Municipality of Chitwan District is the highest peak on the Nepal-India border.

To Reach Someshwar:
Someshwar Gadi is reached after a journey of about 11 km from Basantapur Bazar in Madi-3.

Someshwar Gadhi was called Someshwar Parbat many years ago. Various types of weapons, utensils and stone figures have been found on the hill at Someshwar gadhi at different times. During the war between Nepal and the British, a fort was built to stop the British army and the Nepal Army was deployed. But later, due to water problem, the army has been shifted to Upardangadhi. When the Licchavi rulers came to Nepal, they used to pass through this fort and later trade with India through this port.

Pictures of Someshwar Gadhi

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