The bell rings and rings, it rings at eighty-four: Dr. Toshima Karki

December 5 – The bell rings and rings, it rings at eighty-four: Dr. Toshima Karki

National Independent Party MP Dr Toshima Karki claimed that the bell will ring in the 2084 election under any circumstances and asked the general public not to imagine the party breaking up.

She has said through social media this morning, “Ke re k re? Futne re?” Don’t even imagine, no. We will not allow that to happen.

Dr. Karki claims that there will be an election in 2018 and writes, “It will happen in 2018!” But she has used an exclamation mark in this sentence. This morning she responded by writing a status on Facebook.

She said that people should be able to see the potential and prosperity within the country. “We are not walking in a small race, we are walking to make the country”, Dr. Karki wrote, “To make the country!! ‘

She mentioned that she walked with a big chest and a big heart and said, “So don’t try, if you can’t, you can!” The bell rings and rings. It rings at eighty-four.’

Most of his short sentences end with exclamation marks. Instead, let’s not miss out on this campaign.’

Dr. Karki also took to replying to comments on her earlier status. The rule of law, everyone has interpreted their own interpretation! The rule of law does not exist in the country sir!’, she said.

Dr. Karki further commented that the rule of law is not in the government, not in the actions of the health minister, not in the courts. “Don’t be disappointed, we install it everywhere,” she said.

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