Distribution of sanitary pads to female inmates of the jail

May 14, 2023, Birgunj, Nepal- distributed sanitary pads to the female prisoners.

The Lions Club has distributed sanitary pads to the female prisoners inside the Birgunj jail. 120 packets of sanitary pads were distributed to 66 female inmates while organizing a health awareness program in the prison on Friday. They can use the pad for two months.

In the program organized under the chairmanship of Praveen Dayal of Lions Club Walking Team (NLF), the female inmates of the prison were taught about the various habits that should be adopted to stay healthy.

In the program, DG Devkinandan Agarwal of Lions Club 2023/24, Jailer Navraj Bartaula on behalf of Birganj Jail, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Jail Armed Police Force Lakshman Baral, Jail Health Officer Deepak Yadav, Akash Sarraf of Lions Club, Club Cabinet Secretary Basudev Timalsina, Treasurer R.V. Pandey, Prof. In. Chief Akash Saraf, Area Chief Umesh Sharma and others were present.

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